Display computers, controllers, communication devices



Easy design of premium GUIs

With UX Designer you can design HMI applications, from very simple ones up to the most advanced and full feathered ones. Using the powerful and modern user interface features you achieve the same look'n'feel as you find in today’s smart devices and tablets, but applied in the industrial domain. The built-in graphical components and design style libraries you can use out-of-the-box to quickly build an application or adapt and extend them to align with your brand identity.

With UX Designer you have the option to add advanced
interaction functionality using C/C++ coding or QML.
QML is a descriptive coding language where GUI functionality
is realized with radically less code compared to traditional
coding, making it possible to create advanced HMI’s with
little effort. Using LinX Core Data Engine you easily connect
the HMI to the control system or other software modules
in your system.


UX Designer is based on Qt, an open source graphics
framework that is one of the leading platforms for GUI
design in smart phones, touch pads, PCs etc.


UX Designer supports HMI application development
for all our displays, independent of screen size and
CPU platform. This means you can maximize reuse,
both in terms of SW source code and expensive
engineering knowledge.

        UX Designer for GUI design

Module overview

  • Support for scalable widgets
  • Fully customizable graphics
  • Choose between QtWidgets and QML/QtQuick2
  • CSS support
  • Localization and Multilanguage
  • Modern features like alpha blending, antialiasing, animations, transitions and OpenGL
  • Hardware accelerated graphics with QML
  • Support for multiple interaction technologies, touch, keyboard and pointing devices
  • Analog and IP video
  • Full featured C++ compiler and debugger
  • QtCreator used as development tool