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 CCamStatusDefines the camera status information
 CCombinedControlDefinition of a combined camera control
 CControlStatusDefinition of a camera control mode register
 CDatasheetDefines the characteristics of the camera
 CExtrinsicCamParamThe extrinsic camera parameters determine the mapping from 3-D vehicle coordinatesto 3-D camera coordinates. The extrinsic parameters of the camera can be written and read out by application software and can be used, in conjunction with the intrinsic camera parameters, for backprojection form a 2-D image position to a line in 3-D space that is defined in terms of the vehiclecoordinate system
 CHistogramFormatDefines the histogram format used for a certain region of interest
 CImageDimensionDefinition of the image dimension, in pixels
 CImagerCharacteristicDefines the characteristics of the camera
 CImagerRegisterDefinition of an address/value pair of imager register
 CIntrinsicCamParamThe intrinsic camera parameters determine the projection from 3-D camera coordinates to 2-D pixel coordinates. The intrinsic parameters of the camera can be read out by application software and can be used for back-projection form a 2-D image position to a line in 3-D space
 CIPCameraSettingsThe IPCameraSettings class This class is the inteface between the IP Camera and the user
 CIPv4OptionThe sIPv4Option struct Describes the IPv4EndpointOption
 CPixelMapDefines a group of independent pixels. This structure is used, for instance, to report the position of defect pixel in the imager
 CPixelPositionDefinition of the position of a single pixel relative to a window. (0,0) Is the top left corner. The effects of the optical system (e.g. lens) are included
 CRectangleDefinition of a rectangular area using two pixels coordinates
 CRegionOfInterestDefines the region of interest. The ROIs (regions of interest) are used to acquire data from the camera image using subscribe/notification mechanism. The data can be the image content of the region itself or a histogram of the region. ROIs are interpreted as an array of structures and referenced by its index (roiIndex)
 CSDEntryAThe sSDEntryA struct A struct containing the Service Discovery Entry type A
 CSignedControlDefinition of a signed camera control
 CSomeIPHeaderThe sSomeIPHeader struct A struct containg the SOME/IP header data
 CTimeStampDefinition of a timestamp
 CUnsignedControlDefinition of a unsigned camera control
 CVideoContentDefines the format of a video content notification package
 CVideoFormatDefines the parameter of the video format associated to certain region of interest link text ...