Installation guide

Supported platforms

  • i.MX 8

    • CCPilot V700

    • CCPilot V1000

    • CCPilot V1200


  • Qt-5.15.2

Installing CC Web browser

i.MX 8

  1. Download ccwebbrowser-<target-display>_aarch64.ipk from the support site

  2. Transfer the ipk package to device

  3. Run opkg install ‘package-name’

  4. Edit the /opt/ccwebbrowser/config/browser.conf file to add your url.

  5. By default the web browser is running with Qt platform switch -platform eglfs. If the browser should run as a wayland client, edit the ccwebbrowser.service systemd script and change the platform to -platform wayland instead.

  6. Now the web browser should automatically start at boot


Please refer to our Knowledge Base for further information and troubleshooting guides.