CCAux API reference
Data Fields
TimerTypeExt Struct Reference

#include <CCAuxTypes.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t TotRunTime
uint32_t TotSuspTime
uint32_t TotHeatTime
uint32_t RunTime40_60
uint32_t RunTime60_70
uint32_t RunTime70_80
uint32_t RunTime80_90
uint32_t RunTime90_100
uint32_t Above100RunTime

Detailed Description

Extended Diagnostic timer data

Field Documentation

◆ Above100RunTime

uint32_t Above100RunTime

Total runtime above 100deg (minutes)

◆ RunTime40_60

uint32_t RunTime40_60

Total runtime in 40-60deg (minutes)

◆ RunTime60_70

uint32_t RunTime60_70

Total runtime in 60-70deg (minutes)

◆ RunTime70_80

uint32_t RunTime70_80

Total runtime in 70-80deg (minutes)

◆ RunTime80_90

uint32_t RunTime80_90

Total runtime in 80-90deg (minutes)

◆ RunTime90_100

uint32_t RunTime90_100

Total runtime in 90-100deg (minutes)

◆ TotHeatTime

uint32_t TotHeatTime

Total heating time (minutes)

◆ TotRunTime

uint32_t TotRunTime

Total running time (minutes)

◆ TotSuspTime

uint32_t TotSuspTime

Total suspend time (minutes)

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