Using IP (ETH) CamerasΒΆ

Using IP cameras, also known as ethernet (ETH) cameras, is a way to bring in high quality video based guidance into the machine as well as enable advanced AI driven image processing on video streams. The CCpilot product line has been designed with this in mind and we have tested our displays with cameras from several manufacturers, for example Orlaco, MEKRA, Motec and Liebherr which all provide high resolution video data with MJPEG or H.264 encoding.

In this guide we will try to answer the most common questions about how to use an IP camera with our displays by providing some guides for getting started and tips for best results.

The following display products are supported:


  • CCpilot VS

  • CCpilot VI


  • CCpilot V700

  • CCpilot V1000

  • CCpilot V1200

Intel Atom:

  • CCpilot X900