Fieldbus Access at a glance

Fieldbus Access is a communication bridge containing the implementation of the most widely used vehicle fieldbuses (incl. J1939 and CANopen) and enables all other LinX Software Suite modules to use them with an easy-to-use interface. The LinX Manager Fieldbus Access tool provides an easy interface to manage fieldbuses and which signals to use in your application.

For more details and information on LinX-Manager Feildbus Access and how to create and manage CAN bus signals click on the following link: LinX-Manager Fieldbus Access Online Documentation

Intended audience

The intended audience of this document is primarily developers who will develop and integrate Fieldbus Access with a new or existing system. Readers are not required to know all the details of the LinX Software Suite. However, some knowledge of the LinX concepts would be advantageous when reading this documentation.


Word/Abbreviation Explanation
VM Virtual Machine
GUI Graphical User Interface
DE Data Engine
FA Fieldbus Access
i.MX 5 Processor family
i.MX 6 Processor family
i.MX 8 Processor family
Core i7 Processor family
UX Designer VM Also known as LinX Software Suite DevEnv
Signal Data which is relayed through Data Engine to other modules