Fieldbus Access runtime

Service management

Fieldbus Access runs as a service and the management is different depending on the system it runs on.

CC Linux 2.0/3.0

The runtime starts as a service and can be controlled by systemctl. Use either enable or disable to control if Fieldbus Access should autostart or not:

sudo systemctl enable fieldbusaccess
sudo systemctl disable fieldbusaccess

The service may also be started or stopped while the system is running:

sudo systemctl start fieldbusaccess
sudo systemctl stop fieldbusaccess

Output from the service can be checked with journalctl:

sudo journalctl -fu fieldbusaccess

i.MX 5 and i.MX 6

Another type of service management is used on systems which are not running CC Linux 2.0. The startup script is located under /opt/etc/init.d. Set the execute permission to control if the service should autostart or not:

sudo chmod +x /opt/etc/init.d/StartupFieldbusAccess
sudo chmod -x /opt/etc/init.d/StartupFieldbusAccess

They service may also be started or stopped while the system is running:

sudo /opt/etc/init.d/StartupFieldbusAccess start
sudo /opt/etc/init.d/StartupFieldbusAccess stop

Symbolic links are created from /opt/etc/init.d/rc3.d and /opt/etc/init.d/rc6.d and decides the startup and shutdown order of various services (including Fieldbus Access).

Startup arguments

$/opt/bin/fieldbusaccess --help
Usage: ./fieldbusaccess [options] config
Transfer configured signals between CAN-bus and Application through Data Engine

  -h, --help          Displays help on commandline options.
  -v, --version       Displays version information.
  --name <Name>       Instance name of FA to use [Default: FieldbusAccess]
  -d, --debug <level> Additional debug output. Select level: 1=Debug,
                      2=Warning, 3=Critical, 4=Fatal.
  -ip <ip-address>    IP Address to DE [Default:]

  config              Path and name of configuration file to use.

-h, –help

Display the help information.

-v, –version

Display version information about Fieldbus Access.

–name <Name>

Instance name of Fieldbus Access. Default if none is selected, ‘fieldbusAccess’

-d, –debug <level>

Activate additional printouts during execution. Number selects level to print to file. Logfiles are found on the device at /opt/FieldbusAccess/logs/debug_log.txt. Argument level and higher will be added to the log. If you add -d 2 (Warning) as argument, Warnings, Critical and Fatal errors will be added to the logfile.

Level Error Description
1 Debug Information that is diagnostically helpful
2 Warning Anything that can potentially cause runtime oddities but are automatically recovering
3 Critical Any error which is critical to the operation. These errors will usually force user intervention
4 Fatal Any error that is forcing a shutdown of the runtime

-ip <ip-address>

IP Address to connect to Data Engine. Default is ‘localhost’


Nonoptional argument. Configuration file (.json) created by LinX Manager Fieldbus Access


fieldbusaccess [options] configuration
$/opt/bin/fieldbusaccess --debug 2 FieldbusAccess_ConfigFile.json
Will add `Warning, Critical and Fatal` messages in /opt/FieldbusAccess/logs/debug_log.txt