IP Camera Settings Control Documentation

This documention is generated from the IPCamera API setttings source code. This API gives the user a easy way to change the setttings of any IP camera that follows the ISO17215 standard.

You can view a list of functions here.

How to create the API:

using namespace CrossControl;
std::string ipAddress = "";
const int portNumber = 5004;
IPCameraSettings ipCamSettings = new IPCameraSettings(ipAddress, portNumber);
IPCamStatus ret = ipCamSettings->open();
if(ret == E_OK)
//You are ok!

How to send a message:

//This struct will be filled by the API
CamStatus camStatus;
IPCamStatus ret = ipCamSettings->getCamStatus(camStatus);
if(ret == E_OK)
//Use camStatus

For an example of Service Discovery see this page.


Version 1.0

  • This is the first version.