CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic Struct Reference

Defines the characteristics of the camera. More...

#include <camtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic:

Public Attributes

ImageDimension totalSize
ImageDimension usableSize
uint16_t pixelSizeX
uint16_t pixelSizeY
uint8_t shutterType
char sensorIdentifier [32]

Detailed Description

Defines the characteristics of the camera.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::pixelSizeX

Horizontal pixel size [μm] = pixelSizeX/100.

uint16_t CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::pixelSizeY

Vertical pixel size [μm] = pixelSizeY/100.

char CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::sensorIdentifier[32]

Sensor identifier UTF-8 encoded.

uint8_t CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::shutterType

0: global shutter, 1: rolling shutter.

ImageDimension CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::totalSize

Maximum size of the imagers pixel array, P1 is always 0,0.

ImageDimension CrossControl::ImagerCharacteristic::usableSize

Usable size of the imagers pixel array, coordinates are relative to total size.

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