CrossControl::VideoContent Struct Reference

Defines the format of a video content notification package. More...

#include <camtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for CrossControl::VideoContent:

Public Attributes

uint8_t roiIndex
uint16_t nBins
uint16_t firstBin
TimeStamp timeStamp
uint32_t numberOfROIValues
uint8_t roiContent []

Detailed Description

Defines the format of a video content notification package.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t CrossControl::VideoContent::firstBin

Index of the first ROIValue in this package in the array of ROI values.

uint16_t CrossControl::VideoContent::nBins

Notification package contains nBins ROIValues.

uint32_t CrossControl::VideoContent::numberOfROIValues

Width × height × bitdepth given by VideoFormat.colourSpace.

uint8_t CrossControl::VideoContent::roiContent[]

Uncompressed content of the ROI.

uint8_t CrossControl::VideoContent::roiIndex

ROI from which the video content is derived.

TimeStamp CrossControl::VideoContent::timeStamp

Time stamp of the image, in sequence from which the histogram is derived.

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