LinX Manager Data Engine at a glance

LinX Manager Data Engine is a plugin written for Qt Creator. It acts as central plugin which other plugins in the LinX Manager family depends on. The plugin allows the user to create custom Data Engine signals, view signals from other LinX Manager plugins and inject projects with necessary code and classes to easily communicate with other modules connected with Data Engine. Configured signals can then be visualized directly in a QML or Widget application thanks to generated code or processed further in the backend.

Key features

  • Manage (add, change, delete) Data Engine signals you want to access and use from your Qt application.

  • Generate files and source code to communicate with Data Engine.

  • Update Qt projects with generated files.

  • Configuration and settings stored per project.

  • List signals created from other plugins in the LinX Manager family.

  • Support for QML and Widget applications.

  • Global renaming of configured signals.

  • Set default values of signals.

For a list of useful LinX Manager Data Engine features described in other parts of the documentation, see How-tos.

Intended audience

The intended audience of this document is primarily developers who will develop and integrate Data Engine with a new or existing system. Readers are not required to know all the details of the LinX Software Suite. However, some knowledge of the LinX concepts would be advantageous when reading this documentation.


Word/Abbreviation Explanation
VM Virtual Machine
GUI Graphical User Interface
DE Data Engine
FA Fieldbus Access
i.MX 5 Processor family
i.MX 6 Processor family
i.MX 8 Processor family
Core i7 Processor family
UX Designer VM Also known as LinX Software Suite DevEnv