Setup deploy application to target

Add remote device by navigate to Qt Creator Devices and click Add…

Edit → Preferences... → Devices

Qt Creator Build Kits

Choose Remote Linux Device and press Start Wizard

Set name, ip, port and username. It’s suggested to add device type of your target to the device if you have several devices. Update ip to your target specific ip! Press Next.

Remote Linux Device (V700)

You may skip private key setup by pressing Next button again… Press Finish to exit the wizard.

If you have skipped the private key setup the Device test will fail. No worries. Change Authentication type: to Default and then validate by clicking the Test button.

Remote Device Test

A password is required (ccs user pw is default)

Remote Device Test

Next we need to change our build-kit to point execution to our newly added target device.

Edit build-kit by navigate to Qt Creator Kits

Edit → Preferences... → Kits

Choose the build-kit for your target device and change the Device type: and Device: to your created Remote Linux Device.

Build kits Remote device

Copy Qt runtime libraries to target device

CrossControl provides Qt runtime libraries for each device in a package called LinX-base. These are available from our website: Display computer | CrossControl

It is also possible to copy the Qt runtime libraries from the Virtual Machine device specific sysroot folder to the CCpilot device. For example copy the /opt/V700/Qt-6.4.1 to /opt at the V700 display.

Use the following command to copy the Qt directory (change to correct IP):

rsync -av /opt/V700/Qt-6.4.1 ccs@