Getting Started using Docker

UX Designer version 5.0 comes with support for build using Docker containers. This introduces an easy and flexible way to install dependencies and tools for desired target CCpilot displays.

Note Since full Docker support in Qt Creator is released in next version (10.0) there is some issues like code validation/completion that is not working right out of the box! We have some handy fixes for this that is described in this section. Hence Docker support in UX Designer is released as a tech-preview

CrossControls docker repository is based on Ubuntu 20.04 and contains the installed Yocto SDKs for CCpilot display devices, including Qt open-source SDK. It can be used from command line or with Qt Creator 9+ that supports building with docker devices, see:


Pre-requirements: Docker engine installed (pre installed in UX Designer 5.0), see:

To find what SDK images that are available for CCpilot devices, use:

docker search crosscontrol

Docker search

To install the docker sdk into your build environment a tagname is required and can be found at CrossControl Docker Hub site for respective SDK. The tag describes CCLinux and Qt versions installed. To pull the image, use:

docker pull crosscontrol/v1x00-sdk:tagname

Docker search

Command line usage for compiling inside the container. Example:

docker run --rm -it -v /home/ccs/qt:/usr/local/qt crosscontrol/v1x00-sdk:

Docker search

Setup Qt Creator to run with Docker

Add remote device by navigate to Qt Creator Devices and click Add…

Edit → Preferences... → Devices

Qt Creator Build Kits

Choose Docker Device and press Start Wizard

Qt Creator Build Kits

Select the installed docker sdk and press Ok

Scroll down and press Auto-detect Kit Items and all build-kits and environment settings will be setup as needed by the docker image.

Qt Creator Build Kits

Press Apply and Ok to close.

Validate setup by navigate to Qt Creator Kits

Edit → Preferences... → Kits

Qt Creator Build Kits

The installed build-kit is now available for application builds for your device using cmake (qmake not supported in Qt Creator and Docker. For qmake builds the Debian SDK installation is required described here)