UX Designer is the LinX application module for advanced user interfaces, prepackaged with a set of graphical components for human machine interaction. Components are easily configured with a look’n’feel and functionality to fit a specific machine application. With the Qt/QML toolbox and hardware acceleration in CCpilot displays you have the means to create a premium user experience quickly and easily. UX Designer also features a full-blown C++ environment, enabling the integration of your legacy software and providing the freedom that software developers expect from a modern UX design framework.

UX Designer overview

  • Fieldbus Access

  • Data Engine

  • Fully customizable graphics

  • Choose between qmake and cmake

  • CSS support

  • Localization and Multilanguage

  • Modern features like alpha blending, antialiasing, animations, transitions and OpenGL

  • Hardware accelerated graphics with QML

  • Support for multiple interaction technologies, touch, keyboard and pointing devices

  • Analog and digital IP video

  • Full featured C++ compiler and debugger

  • Qt Runtime

  • QtCreator used as development tool


Word/Abbreviation Explanation
VM Virtual Machine
GUI Graphical User Interface
DE Data Engine
FA Fieldbus Access
i.MX 6 Processor family
i.MX 8 Processor family
Core i7 Processor family
UX Designer Also known as LinX Software Suite DevEnv
Signal Data which is relayed through Data Engine to other modules