CANopen stack errors


Error Code Description
Successful 0x0000 No error/successful run
IllegalInstance 0x0001 The called instans does not exist
InvalidInstanceParam 0x0002 Invalid instance
NoFreeInstance 0x0003 AddInstance was called but no free instance is available
WrongSignature 0x0004 Wrong signature while writing to object 0x1010 or 0x1011
UnsupportedBtrTable 0x0005 Unsupported baudrate table was configured with LSS service
UnsupportedBtrIndex 0x0006 Unsupported baudrate index was configured with LSS service
InvalidNodeId 0x0007 CANopen was initialized with an invalid NodeId
NoResource 0x0008 Resource could not be created (Windows, PxROS, ...)
InvalidParam 0x0009 Generic error code for an invalid param
OriginalBehaviour 0x000A Defines an error code for callback handlers in application which needs to keep the original behaviour in CANopen stack


Error Code Description
CdrvNoMsg 0x0010 No CAN message was received
CdrvMsgHigh 0x0011 CAN message with high priority was received
CdrvMsgLow 0x0012 CAN message with low priority was received
CdrvInitError 0x0013 Initialisation error
CdrvNoFreeChannel 0x0014 CAN controller has not a free channel
CdrvTxBuffHighOverrun 0x0015 Buffer for high priority CAN transmit messages has overrun
CdrvTxBuffLowOverrun 0x0016 Buffer for low priority CAN transmit messages has overrun
CdrvIllegalBdi 0x0017 Unsupported baudrate within baudrate table
CdrvBusy 0x0018 Remote frame can not be updated because no bus contact or CAN
CdrvInvalidDriverType 0x0019 (PC: Windows or Linux) invalid driver type
CdrvDriverNotFound 0x001A (PC: Windows or Linux) driver (DLL) could not be found
CdrvInvalidBaseAddress 0x001B (PC: Windows or Linux) driver could not found the CAN controller
CdrvInvalidParam 0x001C Invalid param in function call
CdrvInvalidDevNumber 0x001D (PC: Windows or Linux) the given device number is invalid
CdrvDevAlreadyInUse 0x001E (PC: Windows or Linux) the device with the given number is already in use
CdrvHostOsError 0x001F (PC: Windows or Linux) OS specific internal error (e.g. malloc, y_from_user, ...)


Error Code Description
CobNoFreeEntry 0x0020 No free entry in RX- or TX-COB table
CobAlreadyExist 0x0021 COB-ID already exists in RX- resp. TX-COB table
CobIllegalHdl 0x0022 Illegal handle for a COB was assigned
CobIllegalCanId 0x0023 COB-ID is not allowed (like 0x000 is reserved for NMT, ...)
CobInvalidCanId 0x0024 COB-ID is switched off
CobCdrvStateSet 0x0025 At least one bit of CAN driver state is set
CobNoFreeEntryHighBuf 0x0026 No free entry in high priotity RX- or TX-COB table
CobOwnId 0x0027 COB-ID already exists in own module which calls CobDefine() or CobCheck()
CobWrongCobType 0x0028 A COB which was definded as Rx-Message should be sent


Error Code Description
ObdIllegalPart 0x0030 Unknown OD part
ObdIndexNotExist 0x0031 Object index does not exist in OD
ObdSubindexNotExist 0x0032 Subindex does not exist in object index
ObdReadViolation 0x0033 Read access to a write-only object
ObdWriteViolation 0x0034 Write access to a read-only object
ObdAccessViolation 0x0035 Access not allowed
ObdUnknownObjectType 0x0036 Object type not defined/known
ObdVarEntryNotExist 0x0037 Object does not contain VarEntry structure
ObdValueToLow 0x0038 Value to write to an object is to low
ObdValueToHigh 0x0039 Value to write to an object is to high
ObdValueLengthError 0x003A Value to write is to long or to short
ObdIllegalFloat 0x003B Illegal float variable
ObdWrongOdBuilderKey 0x003F OD was generated with demo version of tool ODBuilder


Error Code Description
NmtUnknownCommand 0x0040 Unknown NMT command
NmtLifeguardVsHeartbeat 0x0041 One of life guarding or heartbeat was configured but the other one is already configured
NmtBootupNotPossible 0x0042 Bootup message can not be sent in this NMT state
NmtHbcWrongCfg 0x0043 Configuration of Heartbeat Consumer was wrong
NmtmSlaveNodeExist 0x0044 NMT slave node can not be added because it does already exist
NmtmNoFreeSlaveEntry 0x0045 No free entry to add a new NMT slave node
NmtmSlaveEntryNotExist 0x0046 NMT slave node was never added
NmtStateError 0x0047 Error has occured during NMT state machine
NmtmInvalidSlaveNodeId 0x0048 Not a valid Slave Node Id

SDO client

Error Code Description
SdocInitError 0x0050 Initial. or changing parameter not successful
SdocInvalidParam 0x0051 One of the function parameter is invalid
SdocClientNotExist 0x0052 Selected SDO client does not exist
SdocBusy 0x0053 SDO client is already busy
SdocTransferError 0x0054 An error occured during SDO transfer
SdocWrongMultiplexor 0x0055 An SDO response was received with wron multiplexor
SdocEntryAlreadyDefined 0x0056 Client entry is already defined
SdocNoFreeEntry 0x0057 No free client entry found in SDO server table
SdocConfigOrder 0x0058

SDO server

Error Code Description
SdosInitError 0x0060 Initial. or changing parameter not successful
SdosServerNotExist 0x0061 Selected SDO server does not exist
SdosBusy 0x0062 SDO server is already busy
SdosSizeMismatch 0x0063
SdosNoFreeEntry 0x0064 No free server entry found in SDO server table
SdosEntryAlreadyDefined 0x0065 Server entry is already defined
SdosConfigOrder 0x0066
SdosWrongDlc 0x0067
SdosWrongCcs 0x0068

PDO module

Error Code Description
PdoNotExist 0x0070 Selected PDO does not exist
PdoLengthExceeded 0x0071 Length of PDO mapping exceedes 64 bis
PdoGranularityMismatch 0x0072 Configured PDO granularity is not equal to supported granularity
PdoInitError 0x0073 Error during initialisation of PDO module
PdoErrorPdoEncode 0x0074 Error during encoding a PDO
PdoErrorPdoDecode 0x0075 Error during decoding a PDO
PdoErrorSend 0x0076 Error during sending a PDO
PdoErrorSyncWin 0x0077 The SYNC window runs out during sending SYNC-PDOs
PdoErrorMapp 0x0078 Invalid PDO mapping
PdoVarNotFound 0x0079 Variable was not found in function PdoSignalVar()
PdoErrorEmcyPdoLen 0x007A The length of a received PDO is unequal to the expected value
PdoWriteConstObject 0x007B Constant object can not be written (only TxType, Inhibit-, Event Time for CANopen Kit)
PdoErrorRxEventTimer 0x007C If an RPDO is configured with Event Timer, but PDO is not received after this time CcmCbError() will be
LsssResetNode 0x0080 NMT command reset node has to be processed after LSS configuration
LsssInvalidNodeId 0x0081 No valid NodeId is configured -> wait until it is configured with
EmccNoFreeProducerEntry 0x0090 No free entry to add a Emergency Producer
EmccNodeIdNotExist 0x0091 Selected NodeId was never added
EmccNodeIdInvalid 0x0092 Selected NodeId is outside of range (0x01 until 0x7F)
EmccNodeIdExist 0x0093 Selected NodeId already exist

Dynamic OD

Error Code Description
DynNoMemory 0x00A0 No memory available
DynInvalidConfig 0x00A1 Invalid configuration in segment container


Error Code Description
HbcEntryNotExist 0x00B0 Heartbeat Producer node not configured
HbcEntryAlreadyExist 0x00B1 NodeId was already defined in heartbeat consumer table (object 0x1016)
HbcNoFreeEntry 0x00B2

Configuration manager

Error Code Description
CfgMaConfigError 0x00C0 Error in configuration manager
CfgMaSdocTimeOut 0x00C1 Error in configuration manager, Sdoc timeout
CfgMaNoErrorCb 0x00C2 No error callback function is used
CfgMaNoFreeConfig 0x00C3 No free entry in internal list for configuratio
CfgMaNoConfigData 0x00C4 No data for configuration found in 0x1F22
CfgMaInvaildSdoc 0x00C5 The SDO Client Index is not in Rang 0x1280 util 0x1300
CfgMaConfigwithErrors 0x00C6 Configuration of node finished, but with errors
CfgMaConciseCorrupt 0x00C7 Concise DCF is corrupt

LSS master

Error Code Description
LssmIllegalMode 0x00D0 Illegal LSS mode (operation / configuration)
LssmIllegalState 0x00D1 Function was called in illegal state of LSS master
LssmBusy 0x00D2 LSS process is busy with an previous service
LssmIllegalCmd 0x00D3 Illegal command code was set for function LssmInquireIdentity()
LssmTimeout 0x00D4 LSS slave did not answer a LSS service
LssmErrorInConfirm 0x00D5 LSS slave replied an error code for a LSS service


Error Code Description
CcmStoreUnvalidState 0x00E0 Memory device not available due device state
CcmStoreHwError 0x00E1 Hw error due device access

SDO router

Error Code Description
SdorInvalidNetworkId 0x00F0 Invalid netwird-ID
SdorWrongRoutingNetwork 0x00F1 Port number is the own instance
SdorInvalidPortNr 0x00F2 Invalid port number
SdorNoSdocAvailable 0x00F3 No SDO client is available
SdorWaitingNetworInd 0x00F4 NOT AN ERROR: network indication has been started for next router - SDO server has to wait for the


Error Code Description
SrdoNotExist 0x0100 Selected SRDO does not exist
SrdoGranularityMismatch 0x0101 Configured SRDO granularity is not equal to supported granularity
SrdoCfgTimingError 0x0102 Configuration is not ok (Timing)
SrdoCfgIdError 0x0103 Configuration is not ok (CobIds)
SrdoCfgCrcError 0x0104 Configuration is not ok (CRC)
SrdoNmtError 0x0105 An action was tried in a wrong NMT state
SrdoInvalidCfg 0x0106 An action was tried with an invald SRDO configuration
SrdoInvalid 0x0107 An action was tried with an invald SRDO
SrdoRxTxConflict 0x0108 An transmission was tried with an receive SRDO (or the other way)
SrdoIllegalCanId 0x0109 The CanId is invalid
SrdoCanIdAlreadyInUse 0x010A The CanId is already in use
SrdoNotInOrder 0x010B The two messages of a SRDO are not in order
SrdoSctTimeout 0x010C Timeout of SCT
SrdoSrvtTimeout 0x010D Timeout of SRVT
SrdoCanIdNotValid 0x010E One of received CAN-IDs are not equal to configured one
SrdoDlcNotValid 0x010F One of received CAN-DLC are not equal to configured one
SrdoErrorMapp 0x0110 Wrong values in mapping found
SrdoDataError 0x0111 Data of CAN messages are not invers
SrdoLengthExceeded 0x0112 Length of SRDO mapping exceedes 64 bit per CAN-message
SrdoNotHandledInApp 0x0113 The SRDO error was not handled in AppSrdoError()
SrdoOverrun 0x0114 A RxSRDO was received but the pevious one was not else processed

SDO manager

Error Code Description
SdomListFull 0x0120 List for registration of possible SRD Clients is full
SdomBusy 0x0121 SDO Manager works
SdomInternStructFull 0x0122 An internal structure is full
SdomErrorCbInternError 0x0123 For Errorcallback function to indicate an internal error
SdomErrorCbError 0x0124 For Errorcallback function to indicate a Error

SRD client

Error Code Description
SrdBusy 0x0130 SRD Client is not in State Idle
SrdNotRegistered 0x0131 SRD Client not registered to SDO Manager
SrdNoAnswerSdom 0x0132 SRD Client got no answer from SDO Manager
SrdNotMasterMode 0x0133 SRD Client MasterMode not TRUE
SrdNotDynConnection 0x0134 The connection to release is no dynamic connection
SrdSdomNotUndefSdoc 0x0135 SDO Manager did not undefine SDO Client after release connection was successfully requested

CANopen manager

Error Code Description
MgrTaskDeferred 0x0140 Mgr performs task in background and informs the application, when it is finished
MgrInvalidOperation 0x0141 Calling MgrEnterOperational() or any other function call is not allowed in this situation
MgrInvalidParam 0x0142 Passed invalid parameters to a function (e.g. invalid node id)
MgrSdomError 0x0143 Error in SDO manager while in boot slave process
MgrNoFreeEntry 0x0144 No free entry in node list
MgrNodeBusy 0x0145 Mgr performs SDO transfers to the request slave node by itself; no other SDO transfer possible at the moment
MgrSdocTypeAutoRunning 0x0146 A SDO transfer with type , MgrSdocTypeAuto is already running

Flying master

Error Code Description
FlyMaNmtStart 0x0150 NO ERROR: only information that Flying Master has established the NMT mode
FlyMaNmtReset 0x0151 NO ERROR: only information that Flying Master has sent NMT Reset Communication