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Plug-in not available after installation

Verify that the plugin is activated in Qt Creator:

  1. Open Help and select About Plugins.

  2. Locate section Utilities in the list of plugins.

  3. Verify that LinXManager_FieldbusAccess is available and loaded.

  4. Verify that LinXManager_DataEngine is available and loaded.

Application running but no value is updated

  • Verify that Data Engine, Fieldbus Access and your application is running

    ps | grep dataengineserverApp
    2024 root 118m S /opt/bin/dataengineserverApp
    ps | grep fieldbusaccess
    2409 root 38068 S /opt/bin/fieldbusaccess /opt/bin/FieldbusAccess_Config
  • Verify that the CAN interface is up.

    • Run ifconfig can0 in the terminal. Interface should list as “UP”.

  • Verify that correct node ID’s and addresses is configured in the configuration file.

Check if Fieldbus Access starts with my configuration file

On the device, execute the following command:

ps | grep fieldbusaccess
2409 root 38068 S /opt/bin/fieldbusaccess /opt/bin/FieldbusAccess_Config

Fieldbus Access runtime is running with /opt/bin/FieldbusAcces_ConfigFile.json as it’s configuration file by default. If a new configuration has been deployed and steps in Update default Fieldbus Access configuration have been followed, verify that the links points to the deployed configuration.

ls -l /opt/bin/FieldbusAccess_ConfigFile.json
/opt/bin/FieldbusAccess_ConfigFile.json -> /opt/Tutorial/bin/FieldbusAccess_ConfigFile.json

Verify that LinX-Base runtime is installed on the Device

Execute the following command on the device

ls /opt/packages

In the list of installed component you should see “Linx-Base__