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iMX8 based display computers 7”, 10” & 12”

The displays in this new product line offer exceptional graphical performance, short boot-time and support a broad facet of functionality, including instrumentation, process control and automation, guidance, advanced video functionality and more.

Windowing with Wayland protocol

Wayland is one of the newest widely adopted standards and offers a host of advantages over older windowing protocol implementations.

Ccpilot VS Support For Fast Boot

Support for fast boot

Fast boot is a necessity in many applications and impacts user experience of the machine as a whole. We offer solutions for reducing boot-time to a minimum.

Agricultural machinery
CrossControl provides OEMs and System Suppliers serving the agricultural industry solutions to provide scalable machine intelligence tailored to farmers needs.

Construction machinery
CrossControl supply OEMs and System Suppliers with solutions for all types of machinery and applications with visual HMI solutions ranging from 3.5” -15” display computers.

Material handling
CrossControl provides material handling OEMs with HMI and on-board computing solutions for advanced operator support, machine control, predictive maintenance and data logging.


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Software is transforming the capabilities of industrial vehicles


The Software revolution is changing the approach to implementing user interaction, where in the past a monolith software implementation has caused burdens in software maintenance. Cabins featuring multiple, independent, HMI devices has resulted in a fragmented user experience that can lead to operator overload and i

Adapt to industry trends with a modular technology platform


Modern machine systems are moving towards shorter release cycles, with continuous feature enhancements and ever improving operator experiences. CrossControl’s modular technology platform, continuously validates and applies new technology modules that help customers add functionality and value to their vehicle system

iMX8-based displays from 7”-12”


CrossControl’s Vision Line offers displays in 3.5”-12” based on ARM processors. The 3 newest displays in the line, the CCpilot V700, V1000, and V1200, are based on a modular technology platform. These 3 displays use the iMX8 application processor family to offer a huge performance gain over the previous generation o

I/O controllers & wireless modules Our smart I/O controllers can be used together with our displays
& on-board computers to build a total control system.
Our Wireless
modules are freely programmable and can be used as telematics
gateway for cellular networks, data logging and close proximity
wireless integration over Wifi or Bluetooth.

Are you the right person for us?

We continuously look for employees within
the areas of electronic design, product development
and system software development. 

Application development

Our application development services are provided by our experienced team with a broad range of experience of display and on-board computing solutions, including instrumentation, process control, guidance, video, telematics and more.

High quality requirementsWe have high standards for both our own
products and from our suppliers. We achieve
and maintain this level of quality through a
robust business
management system, extensive
testing and thorough process tracing.

SustainabilityCrossControl is certified to ISO 14001 and we have systems in place to ensure compliance to the RoHS and REACH directives. CrossControl strives towards overall sustainability through a systematic approach.