Global sourcingWe work with a global supply base, accessing the latest technology in different component categories. For critical components like TFTs and Application Processors, we have direct support relations with manufacturers. Through a sourcing team in China we achieve competitive costing for a wide spectrum of components.

With our supplier development program we review suppliers on a quarterly basis, monitoring e.g. quality and delivery metrics. The program helps us build strategic supplier relations and a robust supply chain.

Productivity improvementsOur PCIS – Productivity and Cost Improvement System - is a systematic approach to improving operational efficiency. In PCIS we funnel potential initiatives and build the business cases and rationale for investments.

AutomationWe strive to develop operations with an Industry 4.0 perspective, increasing automation continuously. A good example is the SMT-line commissioned late 2019. This line features 4 pick & place machines and pre & post automated optical inspection (AOI). Another example is automated burn-in chambers commissioned in 2019.

In product assembly we use cobots to streamline assembly processes and perform operations in parallel.

SustainabilityCrossControl is certified to ISO 14001 and we have systems in place to ensure compliance to the RoHS and REACH directives. CrossControl strives towards overall sustainability through a systematic approach.

QualityWe have high standards for both our own
products and from our suppliers. We achieve
and maintain this level of quality through
a robust business management system,
extensive testing and thorough process tracing.

DeliveryOur on-time delivery for 2020 was 98%, a figure we strive to improve on. We work with our customers and suppliers to ensure capacity, production and delivery goals are met and we have a robust business continuity plan in place.

Life Cycle ManagementAt CrossControl we have developed a robust product
Life Cycle Management policy that covers our

devices from initial inception to end-of-life status,
a period usually of 15 years.

Safety CrossControl systematically monitors & improves work safety. Weekly Gembawalks are performed
in our production and these walks focus on safety observations and 6S. Total Case Incident
Rate for 2020 was 0.