Smart Farming terminals


Smart Farming terminals

- ISOBUS and more

Smart farming technology has developed at a rapid pace over the last 25 years and we believe we are still just at the beginning.

The CrossControl display & on-board computing platform is developed with the mindset that sustainable smart farming solutions are best achieved in an ecosystem where the strengths of specialised vendors can be combined. Interoperability and an open platform approach are key concepts for this development.

Implement control with ISOBUS, section control, advanced sensing, and guidance are examples of digital tools that help farmers improve productivity. But there are more benefits to gain by integrating these solutions and by adding further automation and autonomy.

Display platform
Starting with hardware, CrossControl offers a wide range of standard display computers with a choice of performance levels and display size - from Arm to x86, 3.5” to 15” we have a product for every colour of iron.

Displays come with a common and open software platform, based on Linux and Qt, offering OEMs and System Suppliers the ability to choose the software toolchain of preference and easily migrate applications between physical display sizes. A key aspect of our open software platform approach is to make it easier to port legacy applications rather than impose unnecessary restrictions on customers by using proprietary or archaic platforms.

With this display platform approach, a wide range of display solutions can be realized, from small auxiliary displays, for example used for managing agent mixing and tank levels, to the in-cab display for ISOBUS, section control and guidance.

Our larger display computers, like the new CCpilot V1000 and V1200, have the screen real estate and the application processor performance to run multiple applications concurrently. In addition to ISOBUS components, Universal Terminal & Task Controller, the displays can also run guidance & autosteer applications, instrumentation, video monitoring and other operator support functions like on-board manuals and instruction videos, simultaneously. As system functionality grows, so does demand for screen real estate and we also offer multi-display options with a single vehicle computer. OEMs can realize solutions where a common display ECU drives multiple physical displays. With this concept, different GUI applications can be moved dynamically between the physical screens as required, in any configuration that their deployment calls for.

Window and application management
The platform is available with a window management solution built with a leading-edge windowing framework for Linux. It offers development teams the support needed to create one HMI system that deploys multiple dynamic applications. Applications can be built with toolchains of choice, including Qt, CODESYS, and HTML5. Developers can design the HMI system and GUIs so that applications can adapt to fit task requirements, switching between predefined layouts as vehicles change operations. End users can be given the option to set their layout to suit their individual requirements and way of working. The robust framework is available across all display sizes and supports multi-screen solutions. Applications can be maintained separately, providing flexible life cycle management, where you can add and update Apps throughout the product’s deployment, without needing to synchronize new releases of all applications. Licence Manager further supports this approach offering a simple and ready to use licensing handler for the CrossControl range of displays and onboard computers, making it easier to control software in machines. The license manager takes care of the entire chain, generation of license requests, authoring license keys and enabling or disabling application features.  

Combine industry leading hardware and software
CrossControl’s open software approach and industry leading terminal hardware support the integration of expertise and best in class software applications. For example, combining our terminal platform with Reichhardt SmartCommand, an advanced ISOBUS software platform that incorporates Reichhardt’s 35 years expertise in agricultural equipment process control to deliver a modular software approach where ISOBUS UT, Task Controller, Section control or Variable Rate control are enabled based on the specific application needs. The feature set can include Reichhardt’s AEF-certified autosteering solution as an option.

OEMs and System Suppliers to freely deploy additional, non-ISOBUS, functionality to a terminal, for example video monitoring, instrumentation, vehicle settings, or e-manuals. This functionality is realized based on the CrossControl open software platform, which supports a variety of toolchains including Qt, CODESYS or HTML5. Platform adopters are free to select the level of support and functionality they require.

CrossControl partners with OEMs and System Suppliers to realize complete solutions. We provide state-of-the art hardware coupled with versatile middleware and our partners add deep application and system integration skills which, when combined, results in industry leading smart farming solutions.


Our new iMX8-powered display computers, and the new central display controller concept driving multiple monitors, are developed to answer the demand from Smart farming for HMI systems to deliver a range of functionality, from UT & TC terminals to solutions for ADAS and automation.


CrossControl’s Modular technology platform can support multiple displays through one controller, either as a headless ECU or as a main and side display pairing. This enables a system where GUI content can move dynamically between screens to optimize the HMI for various operational modes.

Custom engineered products & solutionsBased on our technology platforms we support larger customer programs with customized products & solutions.

Technology platformWe continuously invest in our technology platform for display &
on-board computing solutions. From the platform we derive both
COTS and custom OEM products.