Web browser module


Web browser module


Using the browser module you can easily develop and deploy your HTML5 application in our newer displays or use the web browser to present and manage information from any web server. The module is supported by our newer generation of displays, CCpilot V700, V1000 and V1200.

By supporting HTML5 and browser functionality within our implementation of Qt and Linux we allow OEMs, system supplier and application designers the freedom to make use of one of the most flexible tools for software development and easily integrate supporting applications into their offering. The module is based on QtWebEngine, the Qt based web browser, and WEBGL to create a browser that scores extremely high in terms of functionality and usability, on par with the latest desktop versions of Edge or Safari. QtWebEngine in itself is based on Chromium, one of the functionally richest web browser engines available.

Developers can use any HTML5 tools of their choice to create innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing HMIs for any machine. This high level of supported functionality allows for the easy implementation of prebuilt HTML5 modules like PDF-reader, video playback or any type of HTML based HMIs. This simple, but versatile, feature allows for the machine’s HMI solution to provide manuals, user guides, task lists and directions.


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Top notch digitized instrumentation

With CCpilot VA you can build an advanced, multi-instrument display that improves safety and user experience.

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Field Application EngineeringOur Field Application Engineers are specialists in the capabilities of our products. They support customers with advice and examples on solutions and how to implement functionality in the most efficient way for different use cases and applications, based on our software platform.

Application developmentOur application development services are provided by our experienced team with a broad range of experience of display and on-board computing solutions, including instrumentation, process control, guidance, video, telematics and more.