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CCpilot V1000


The CCpilot V1000 is a 10.1” display computer featuring an i.MX 8QuadXPlus application processor. It comes with a very powerful GPU with much higher graphics performance than earlier generations of ARM processors.

The CCpilot V1000 is a 10.1” display computer featuring an i.MX 8QuadXPlus application processor. It comes with a very powerful GPU with much higher graphics performance than earlier generations of ARM processors. The high brightness and contrast screen has Wide XGA resolution and uses IPS technology for wide viewing angles and color accuracy. It comes with an optically bonded multi-touch PCAP touch screen for intuitive user interaction also with gloves.

Wired interfaces include up to 4 CAN ports, Gigabit Ethernet & USB 2.0. It also features a USB-C connector with USB 3.0 for peripherals. Built-in Wi-Fi & Bluetooth are optional.

The CCpilot V1000 is available with LinX, our open and modular software platform. It includes firmware and OS support, pre-packaged application toolchains for Qt and CODESYS, and application modules for commonly required functionality. With the open platform approach, customers can base their solution on a robust and secure base while keeping the flexibility to use inhouse or 3rd party development resources, work with alternative toolchains or easily deploy existing applications.

The V1000 product platform has inherent support for a number of optional features. For example, it features a mini-PCIe module slot which can be used to extends capabilities. With its vast software capabilities and state of-the art hardware, the CCpilot V1000 is a future ready platform for machine intelligence.

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Below you find an overview specification of CCpilot V1000. The same information is found in the product leaflet which is available for download and in printed form. Please note that product information may change over time and the latest and correct information is always found on this website. You find additional information in the technical manual and software manuals.

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OVERVIEW i.MX 8QuadXPlus, quad core CPU, integrated GPU & M4 Co-processor.
CPU 4 x Cortex A35 @ 1.2 GHz
GPU Vivante GC7000lite high performance graphics processing unit.
STORAGE 8 GB, enhanced mode eMMC pseudoSLC.
RAM 2 GB 32 bit LPDDR4 @ 1200GHz
TYPE IPS Type with >88° viewing angles in all directions
COVER LENS Tempered glass with AG coating
OPTICAL BONDING Display, touch screen and cover lens optically bonded to achieve sunlight readability.
SIZE AND RESOLUTION 10.1" WXGA, 1280x800 pixels
COLOR DEPTH 24 bit, 16 million
BRIGHTNESS* 800 cd/m²
DIMMING Yes, in steps, 1-100%
AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR Yes, enabling automatic dimming
TOUCH SCREEN Projective Capacitive with up to 10-point multi-touch. Calibrated to support interaction with gloves or be insensitive to water drops.
BUZZER Yes, Configurable frequency and volume. Max 75dB @ 10cm from front.
CAN 2 ports, physical layer ISO 11898 2:2016. ISO11783-5:2019 compatible (2ms interrupts with a capacitor). Configurable bit rate. CAN FD compliant. 2 additional ports optional.
USB USB 1 x USB 2.0 high speed, 1 x USB 3.0 super speed
WIFI Optional. 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, dual-band 2.4/5 GHz
BLUETOOTH Optional. Bluetooth 5.0.
POWER SUPPLY 12/24 VDC nominal, range 9-36 VDC. Power on from 4.5 Volt over DC.
KEY SWITCH 1 Key switch input, for start-up/suspend/resume/shutdown.
HOUSING MATERIAL Nylon, Valox 357x
INSTALLATION Panel mounted or 4 point VESA 75 mount
CONNECTORS 3 x DIN M12 for Power & CAN, Ethernet and USB 2.0 1 x USB-C for USB 3.0 interface. Optional: 1 x DIN M12 for 2 additional CAN
DIMENSIONS (mm) 265 x 184 x 41
WEIGHT (g) < 1050 g
IP CLASS IP65, IP66, and IP67
EMC CONFORMITY 2014/30/EU, ISO 14982:2009, ISO 13766-1:2018, ISO13766-2:2018, EN12895:2015
VIBRATIONS IEC 60068-2-64. Random, 0.02g²/Hz 5-2000Hz 3x3h
SHOCK IEC 60068-2-27.±25g /6ms±3 x3, 15000 total shocks
TEMPERATURE RANGE (°C) Operating: -30 to +70, Storage: -40 to +80
SYSTEM Custom Linux system based on Yocto 3.0+
KERNEL 5.4+ (Long Term Support)
BSP Available to create a custom Linux image
COMPUTING AND GRAPHICS APIs Support for advanced UX and computing tasks: OpenGL ES, Vulkan, OpenCL, OpenVG.
BOOTUP TIME Configurable. Cold boot 4-7 sec
DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Virtual machine or Native Linux.
PROGRAMMING Supported languages include C++, C, QML, JavaScript, Python, HTML5, IEC61131-3.
GCC COMPILER GCC C++17 or newer
UI FRAMEWORKS Qt 5.15+ Open Source. Will support Qt 6. Qt Commercial is optional, enables closing access to the system. Support for Web frameworks.
WINDOWING Weston, Qt Wayland. X Wayland. Direct EGLFS is available if windowing is not required.
LinX Software Suite, open and modular platform based on Qt, common for all CCpilot products. Examples of modules and components listed below.
GUI DESIGN UX Designer, a pre-built virtual machine with Qt Creator, compilers, libraries, graphical components and templates.
CAN NETWORKING Fieldbus Access, easy configuration of J1939 and CANopen networks.
ISOBUS Universal Terminal
SMART DEVICE INTEGRATION Smart Connect, framework for building apps and integrating smart phones and tablets (Service tool, secondary HMI).
REMOTE APPLICATION ACCESS VNC server and client, web browser and server.
DIGITAL VIDEO Ready-made solution for displaying multiple digital camera streams over Ethernet. RTP, MPEG4, MJPEG, H.264 (4Kp30) and H.265. Support for controlling camera settings like resolution and frame rate.
Below you find specifications of features for which the product platform has inherent hardware support. These are not currently available in the standard product specified above but may be added over time in the generic evolution of the product, or added for a specific, larger customer program.
CAN FD BSP/SDK can be developed on request.
LARGER STORAGE Expandable up to 32 GB enhanced mode eMMC pseudoSLC. Possible to increase storage even more through Mini-PCIe card (see below).
TOUCH SCREEN SENSITIVITY Option to have touch controller calibrated for special use cases.
SECURITY RSA/AES, elliptic-curve cryptography, key storage, secure boot-up, signed applications, docker.
QT AUTOMOTIVE Supports Qt Automotive, featuring e.g. safe rendering and IVI applications.
ANDROID Supports Android
EXPANSION CARDS & MODULES Mini-PCIe boards and modules can be added for extending functionality and performance. E.g. AI/ML accelerator modules, radio and connectivity modules, storage cards.
OS IN CO-PROCESSOR Supports use of an RTOS in the integrated Cortex-M4F companion microcontroller (co-processor). For implementation of real-time critical and safety functionality
KEY SWITCH Support for a second key switch for pre-ignition.
* Typical value



All the packages compatible with CCpilot V1000 Computer Display are available for download here.

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