License manager


License manager


The CrossControl License manager is a simple and ready to use licensing handler for CCpilot displays that makes it easier to control your software in machines that use CCpilot displays.

The license manager handles the entire chain.

  • Generation of license requests,
  • Authoring license keys
  • Enabling or Disabling application features (through source code)

Building license manager will create a set of keys that are unique to your software, only this software will be able to validate the license files.

A single license file can include multiple features that can be checked by the software.

As part of the license manager module a demo application has been developed that can be used to test and demonstrate the principles of the CC license module. Its main features are:

  • Activate one or several features, using one or several license files
  • Demo or Normal (permanent) license
  • Time limited licenses

Example use cases include:

  • Authorizing launch of your applications/functions/services during startup
  • Provide time-boxed licenses to unlock features for a limited time

Types of licenses can include:

  • Permanent licenses locked to specific devices using hardware IDs
  • Demo licenses working on all devices
  • Time boxed licenses

License manager is built with Cmake and C++ and is straightforward to use with Qt, or other C++ based frameworks.

The basic instance of the License Manager does not include payment processing, user data storage, or cloud solutions. Developers may use parts of the module and incorporate it into their own business platforms to add support for these features.

Supported products include iMX8 based Vision Line displays.

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