CrossControl supports OEMs and system suppliers for Utility vehicles with reliable and integrated on-board computing or display solutions, providing the vehicle operator with a high-usability interface for the operation of the vehicle as well as video functionality, GPS and mobile connectivity. Larger programs are able to make use of our engineering expertise to create customised solutions, based on our portfolio and platform, that fulfill particular requirements or regulations facing their industry.

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The utility vehicle industry is diverse in terms of applications but commonly includes on-road transportation and operations in communities, close to the public. Following stricter regulatory requirements, the utility vehicle industry needs to pay extra attention to safety and environmental aspects, for example meeting ISO 13849 performance level d for certain safety critical functions. For municipal services like waste management and road maintenance, requirements on quality assurance of the service provided means that vehicle systems increasingly are equipped with including positioning functionality and video recording to enable documentation of the work performed and a visual record of any incident during operations.

Our platform for machine intelligence can help utility vehicles meet their productivity goals and safety requirements.