Construction equipment, by far the largest and most diversified industrial vehicle industry, places high demands on control and display solutions. Machines are continuously exposed to tough environments and rough duty cycles, including huge temperature swings, shocks, vibrations water and dust. Our wide product portfolio and freely programmable software solutions align to meet the different expectations and requirements on automation and machine control solutions across machine types deployed in the construction industry.

Construction Excavator2

The diverse range of equipment in this sector leads to different expectations and requirements on automation and machine control solutions. At the same time, operators are influenced by the user experience they get in their car or with their Smartphone, asking manufacturers to provide a similar, software led, experience in their work machines.

We provide OEMs, suppliers and system designers with solutions for all types of machinery and applications with visual HMI solutions ranging from 3.5” -15” display computers. Our software application platform supports premium graphics design and improved usability for effective HMI to enable OEM brand enhancement. In the area of machine control, solutions include ultra-rugged main industrial controllers, I/O controllers for distributed system architectures and efficient black box on-board computing solutions.