We supply leading equipment OEMs and System Suppliers globally. Our operations are geared to meet the highest requirements on Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Sustainability.

Our electronics production facility in Alfta, Sweden is highly automated and digitalized. Operators are highly skilled in assembly and test of advanced electronics. The operational teams demonstrate a strong quality and productivity culture and take pride in building products for demanding industrial vehicle applications.

SustainabilityCrossControl is certified to ISO 14001 and we have systems in place to ensure compliance to the RoHS and REACH directives. CrossControl strives towards overall sustainability through a systematic approach.

CostTo deliver our high-quality products at the best possible price we work with our global sourcing team, long standing manufacturer relationships, new productivity initiatives and increased levels of automation at our assembly plant in Alfta.

DeliveryOur on-time delivery for 2020 was 98%, a figure we strive to improve on. We work with our customers and suppliers to ensure capacity, production and delivery goals are met and we have a robust business continuity plan in place.

QualityWe have high standards for both our own
products and from our suppliers. We achieve
and maintain this level of quality through
a robust business management system,
extensive testing and thorough process tracing.

Safety CrossControl systematically monitors & improves work safety. Weekly Gembawalks are performed
in our production and these walks focus on safety observations and 6S. Total Case Incident
Rate for 2020 was 0.