Digital Camera Integration


Digital Camera Integration

CrossControl’s open platform allows OEMs and System Integrators the freedom to make their own choices and support to realise their vision.

Ethernet cameras offer the same basic function as analog cameras but with improved picture quality, increased functionality (adjustable brightness, resolution, and frame rate) and the option to introduce advanced functionality with electronic image stabilisation, digital pan and zoom, and object detection.

Our latest iMX8 based displays support the Wayland protocol which allows the camera streams to be viewed in windowed or full screen mode supporting system designers in integrating a camera feed into their application without the need for a dedicated display. All of our iMX8 displays can support multiple streams at once, either with the user switching between streams, displayed as a grid, picture in picture or showing one to the user and send another stream through an application and algorithm that can make use of machine learning derived object detection to automate a process.

CrossControl has built and optimized the underlying OS for efficiently handling camera streams, utilizing the image processing unit to take care of the intense calculations needed to decode, filter and present the streams on the screen, leaving good space for the CPU to take care of the rest of the application logic.

Building the application in Qt makes the camera integration very smooth and modern UX features like animation, scaling, rotation and fading are as easily applied to the stream as to any other UI object.

We have tested a number of camera suppliers with our iMX8 platform including Orlaco, Ark Vision Systems, MEKRA Lang, First sensor and Motec to ensure compatibility and ease of integration with the industry’s leading Ethernet camera brands. 

The CCpilot VS and CCpilot VI use the ARM based iMX6 platform and also offer both full and windowed streaming, (though due to its 3.5”display of the VI windowed mode on it is far more limited).  We have tested a number of camera brands and encoding formats, including MJPEG and H.264 to validate their compatibility with our displays running this chipset. With iMX5 based devices streaming is possible in fullscreen through the MJPEG format. With our x86 based eXtreme line, windows support and drivers offer a direct path for camera pairing and for our x86 devices that support CC Linux 2.0 they can offer the same functionality and feature set as our iMX8 based devices.


The new Vision line offers outstanding support for digital cameras, offering very high picture quality and low latency. The platform supports multiple, simultaneous camera streams to one display, with the option to switch between resolutions when in grid or full screen mode.

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