Freedom to add your own functionality and features – Integrate numerical computing platforms, like MATLAB, into your deployment.

Our open software platform is built on a collaborative framework. We believe that our customers should own the applications they create, have the freedom to make use of 3rd party resources and be able to deploy their system in the best possible way. By employing this approach, it allows us to offer a suite of tools to our customers to deliver their solution in an efficient and effective manner. It also allows us the option to offer platform extensions, like HTML 5, CODESYS or MATLAB, that customers can use in a myriad of ways without adding restrictive layers of proprietary code, forcing customers to rebuild applications just to deploy on new hardware, wasting resources like, time, engineering manpower and capital. 

MATLAB from MathWorks is a desktop development tool used by millions of engineers and scientists as a multi-paradigm programming language and numeric computing environment. MATLAB allows matrix manipulations, function plotting, algorithms implementation, UI creation and even act as an interface for multiple programs.  

With MATLAB, engineers can design, simulate, verify and optimize every aspect of the planned application from initial conceptualisation to in the field deployment and control. An advantage of this approach is that the tool allows for the models to compensate and adjust to even the smallest details like motor vibration or sensor noise, ensuring that the deployed application can deliver accurate results from the first pass to the last.  

Our software platform can integrate MATLAB into an application on our displays in two ways. On our Vision Line displays, like the iMX8 powered CCpilot V700, developers can export the MATLAB generated application or algorithm as C or C++, using our open source compiler GCC, and if desired the LinX software Suite, the code can be redeployed on any Vision Line display, available in sizes 3.5”-12”. The Vision Line displays run our own version of Linux, CC Linux and are freely programmable so that the MATLAB generated code can then be integrated with additional applications, like gauge clusters or video monitoring to create a multifunctional display. For customers looking for a Windows based system, we have our extreme line, x86 Intel powered devices in sizes 9”-14”. This includes the CCpilot X900, with a quad core Atom processor, and coming later this year, the CCpilot X1400, which replaces the CCpilot XL as our most powerful display. With x86 architecture and Windows support developers can choose to compile the code generated by MATLAB or use MATLAB directly to create a deployment solution.  

This method of integrating code from MATLAB can also be used by other numerical computing platforms including GNU Octave, NumPy, Sage and Scilab. 

Field Application EngineeringOur Field Application Engineers are specialists in the capabilities of our products. They support customers with advice and examples on solutions and how to implement functionality in the most efficient way for different use cases and applications, based on our software platform.

Branding, EOL programming & aftermarket controlWe offer several services that help integrate and adapt our COTS products to a customer’s system design & operational requirements.

Custom engineered products & solutionsBased on our technology platforms we support larger customer programs with customized products & solutions.

Technology platformWe continuously invest in our technology platform for display &
on-board computing solutions. From the platform we derive both
COTS and custom OEM products.