Screen Sharing

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Screen Sharing


Virtual Network Computing, VNC, allows a device, or in this case a display, to be remotely viewed or controlled from another computer. CCpilot displays can be extended with a VNC server. This means users may remotely connect and control the display from a VNC client.

The VNC server has been developed to be a standalone service, without use of Qt or other required toolchains.

Currently supported products:

  • CCpilot VS
  • CCpilot V700
  • CCpilot V1000
  • CCpilot V1200

VNC is the most popular and widespread tool for screen sharing, other tools are available but are not part of this module. Screen sharing or mirroring is typically used to control the in-cab display from a remote location, for trouble-shooting, service and support. It is also typically used for remote monitoring and system surveillance.

The benefits of the Screen Sharing module mean that it is straightforward to setup a display as a screen mirroring server so that users can mirror the CrossControl display content to another “remote” display or screen, for example back-office PC, developer mobile phone, or an end users tablet. The VNC server is based on the Open Source package LibVNCServer. In the included configuration file, you can configure and set a number of parameters, e.g. balance the communication bandwidth, graphics quality and CPU load. There is no need for any additional programming.

View the online documentation below for more information about how to install and use the VNC server

Note – The V700/V1000/V1200 cannot be mirrored if the application is using Wayland and the Kernel Mode Setting graphics driver.

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