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Data Engine


Data Engine is a key module for achieving an open and scalable architecture for LinX Software Suite. It acts as a signal manager and gateway and efficiently handles the routing of communication inside the system and makes all machine signals available to the different modules.

Data Engine manages all information available through Ethernet, CAN and other buses in your machine system, as well as internal signals within the HMI system. With all signals and data at your fingertips, you are able to create operator support functionality that can increase productivity and the overall usability of your product. Data Engine can also handle the integration of the different software application modules of LinX Software Suite – a signal in the control logics module, for example CODESYS, is directly accessible in the Graphical User Interface module, for example our UX Designer. This gives a system architecture where you separate concerns – the control logics can be

developed independently from the user interface and vice versa. Compared to other display software systems this reduces system complexity and software engineering spend.

The Data Engine module includes resources for internal communication with a content independent signal interface, Open API for adding custom software, proprietary software or integrating legacy applications and an application for debugging at the signal level.

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To use Data Engine you will need to install a plugin for UX Designer. You will also need to install the necessary runtime on the target device. You can find the software packages under UX Designer and the installation under the corresponding target device.

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