The agricultural vehicle industry has been a driver of innovation in the area of machine control for decades. With the need for more and more of the field work being completed with ever increasing efficiency requirements, the demand for highly reliable, industrial machine systems and solutions is growing. CrossControl meets this demand with our advanced displays and controller that are regularly refreshed with the latest hardware and software innovations.

Tractor Spraying

Production needs to be optimized while at the same time reducing environmental impact. This calls for advanced machine control and process managements systems that give farmers and operators the aid needed to achieve high productivity.

CrossControl provides OEMs and System Suppliers serving the agricultural industry solutions to provide scalable machine intelligence tailored to farmers needs. Through our platform this enables easy implementation of functionality like machine control, ISOBUS UT & TC, navigation & guidance, automatic steering, instruction videos, electronic manuals, headland management and mobile connectivity. These solutions allow end users to reduce the amount of consumables they use, increase the speed and efficiency of the machine, and produce more at a lower cost.


At Home in the Field
CrossControl displays and controllers are at home on the farm and in the field. CCpilot units are built to meet the requirements of agricultural machinery with robust tolerances for shocks and vibrations, Ingress Protection certification up to IP 67 and bright, truly sunlight readable screens with wide viewing angles. Our touch screen inputs are calibrated to suit industry demands, with operation unaffected by poor weather conditions or, for some displays, even operator equipment like work gloves. CCpilot displays are available in sizes, 3.5”, 5”, 7”, 9”, 10”, 12”, 14” and 15”

Our 7”-12” displays support a complete ISOBUS software solution which includes the ISOBUS Universal Terminal, ISOBUS Task Controller and also a navigation & guidance add-on for greater control and increased machine intelligence. The displays are freely programmable and can support ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS features side by side like video monitoring, navigation, operator guidance and machine instrumentation in a single array. This allows OEMs and System integrators to create unique multifunctional solutions for their machines.

With a multi-functional ISOBUS Terminal OEMs and system suppliers can offer their end users significant cost savings and higher levels of productivity across all of their agricultural machines.

CrossControl is a member of the AEF and an active participant in the ISOBUS community ensuring that our software solutions meet ISOBUS compliance and allow us to introduce new key standards to the platform. Learn more about ISOBUS >

Forage Harvester
Forage Harvesters make use of our products as their main HMI display providing instrumentation, task control, system diagnostics, video feeds, task information, cutting data and machine data. Towed and self-propelled potato harvesters deploy a variety of CCpilot displays for their system solutions. The solution allows OEMs to offer a range of options to consumer with different size and performance features, with the in-cab display performing machine setup, system diagnostics, instrumentation clusters, implement control, feed regulation, depth control and more.

Specialty Harvesters
Specialty harvesters, like those used for fruit, root vegetables and beans, are often more complex than some of the more common agricultural machines. Our wide platform portfolio allows CrossControl to provide leading OEMs with the right solution for their machines. CCpilot displays are deployed, as both primary and secondary, HMI units for control, instrumentation and video monitoring.

Control your cutting in Agriculture
CrossControl controllers are part of industry leading, and award winning, solutions for cutting bars. Our freely programmable I/O controllers allow for height adjustment, contact pressure management and even the integration of multiple cutting systems. Industry leader BISO won a silver medal at Agritechnica 2019 for the 3D Varioflex which utilises 2 CrossFire SX I/O controllers to regulate and manage the system.