Mapping more than just A to B

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Mapping more than just A to B

Maps and directions are important in many applications. Internet connectivity and cheaper, faster, and better GNSS receivers grease the increased importance and need.

With the CrossControl platform it is possible to blend the available machine data, other peripheral equipment, and on-board computing power to take advantage of huge possibilities and create even more value from existing resources.

High level and built-in support for maps and navigation in the software platform makes it easy for OEMs to create value adding applications way beyond consumer car navigators. Of course, all standard and expected navigator functions such as POIs and fastest/best route from point A to point B are supported, but the mapping component also enables OEMs to add layers containing geo-data and application specific objects and information. All this to be mixed and visualized in real-time for the operator to assist in enhancing the productivity and safety.

With vector-based maps users can pinch and zoom, scan and pan and navigate large areas without the need to constantly load images, saving on-board memory and gateway bandwidth. This is a noticeable benefit both in user experience, with a snappy natural response during the planning phase and on the use of system resources throughout tasks with no load spikes or system lags. Vector maps also easily scale with any display size meaning the experience is the same on any screen from 3.5”-14”. This fluidity can help operators stay focused on the task.

Pre-loading the machine with offline maps for the working task makes stable and fast cloud and Internet connection less dependent, which can be troublesome when working off-road and in rural areas.

With machines running the same mapping solution it allows OEMs and larger contractors to optimize planning, build in real time ETA updates and manage task scheduling throughout the project with the next machine arriving just as the first finished its part of the workload, a real efficiency boost to large scale construction projects, mines, and industrial farms. The tools can also be used to record which area has been completed, for example when a field has been harvested, and transfer that information to other machines in the fleet to ensure optimal workflow and improve operations.

Vehicle vision systems can be integrated into the mapping application and take advantage of Augmented reality to provide real time directions as an overlay, with step-by-step directions or guided navigation. This can be expanded to include valuable ADAS features like custom alerts based on AI pored scene understanding with classification, detection, and segmentation.

With CrossControl’s open platform mapping and navigation applications can be deployed alongside other features like instrumentation, tool control, diagnostics, instructions, or video monitoring.

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