Digital camera module

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Digital camera module


Using the camera module you can easily integrate Ethernet cameras with our displays. The module has been tested across a range of industrial camera brands including: Orlaco, Liebherr, Ark Vision, First sensor, Motec and Mekra LANG.

The camera module is supported by our current displays, CCpilot VI, V700, V1000, VS, V1200 and X900. In addition to that it supports both the common CODECs MJPEG and H.264, as well as offering rendering modes EGLFS and Wayland.

The module was designed to work at its best with applications built in Qt, but it is also possible start a video stream directly from the command line.

Some cameras also support the camera control protocol ISO 17215, for example Orlaco support  this feature, which allows the cameras to be controlled in real-time, to set resolution, alter filtering, mirroring etc. Included in the Camera module is a library and a command line tool that makes it simple to control the camera from within your application. Additionally, this is useful to balance the Ethernet bandwidth and CPU performance requirements in order to deliver the right solution for each use case.

Top notch digitized instrumentation

With CCpilot VA you can build an advanced, multi-instrument display that improves safety and user experience.

Digitized Instrumentation

ISOBUS multifunctional terminalsISOBUS is a module in LinX enabling a display to be used
as a terminal for any connected implement that follows the
ISOBUS standard (ISO 11783).

Fieldbus Access infrastructure  
Fieldbus Access is a LinX module for fieldbus
management with J1939 and CANopen available

UX Designer for easy
design of premium GUIs
UX Designer is the LinX application module for
advanced user interfaces, prepackaged with a set
of graphical components for human machine interaction.

Smart Connect smart device
apps out-of-the-box
Smart Connect is a LinX application module for easy
integration of Smart devices in your equipment control system.

Field Application EngineeringOur Field Application Engineers are specialists in the capabilities of our products. They support customers with advice and examples on solutions and how to implement functionality in the most efficient way for different use cases and applications, based on our software platform.

Application developmentOur application development services are provided by our experienced team with a broad range of experience of display and on-board computing solutions, including instrumentation, process control, guidance, video, telematics and more.