Meet Anki

Our Sourcing Manager Anki Kihlström Kvarmans grew up near CrossControl’s headquarters in a small town called Bollnäs. She moved to Luleå to attend the local university, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, to gain a Master of Science, Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration and Management. The program included a 4 year supervised program and a 6 month thesis program with an industry placement. Anki completed the program with distinction in 2009 and took her first post university position at Svenska Fönster, Edsbyn as a Project Manager for Logistics. Anki excelled in the role, and met her husband at the company, but after 5 years she looked for a new challenge and joined CrossControl as a Strategic Buyer in 2015.

Our company was attractive to Anki as we presented a new dynamic and the opportunity to work with a number of engineers across a wide variety of disciplines. In her new role Anki got the opportunity to work directly with different departments, including RnD and NPD, as our cross-functional, multi-disciplinary business model encourages collaboration throughout the company.

As part of her professional development Anki completed an external course in Supplier Negotiation and since being promoted to Sourcing Manager in 2019 has taken another course in Management. In June 2020 Anki joined our management team as a leader of our company.

Anki enjoys both of her new roles which have given her the opportunity to develop, personally and professionally, as well as provide insight into how companies operate outside of Sweden, as our global company provides a window into how cultural differences can influence entire operations. And as we move forward, she looks forward to the opportunity to further develop in her new positions.

Outside of the office Anki lives with her husband and young son in Bollnäs near where she grew up. When she has time to get outside, Anki enjoys cross-country skiing and has completed the Vasaloppet 6 times with a person best finish of just 6 hrs and 36 minutes.


What is the best thing about working at CrossControl?
I get the chance to work with a company developing new technology and embracing a collaborative cross-functional multi-disciplinary approach to their operations. Every day I work with experts in their field and it is exciting and inspiring to see how much knowledge we have across the company.


How would you describe the workplace culture at CrossControl?

Helpful, everyone is eager to lend a hand and work together to solve problems and develop new solutions.

Meet our people

We recognise that a diverse workforce filled with people from different backgrounds allows us to approach
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Master thesis programs

We are always open to applications from candidates. CrossControl has a strong track record of helping students successfully complete their degree projects going back more than twenty years.

Why work with us?

At CrossControl passionate people get the chance to explore their interests and push themselves to take on bigger challenges. Our employees are our greatest asset and we promote a positive workplace culture.

Career At CrossControl we have a passion for developing solutions that make machines smarter,
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