Meet Emma

Emma first started at CrossControl all the way back in 2006, when she moved back up to Alfta, from Stockholm, to be closer to her partner, obviously a wise decision as they are still together today. She began work in the cable assembly department but having begun her career just after finishing gymnasium she thought maybe she had more to learn.

Encouraged by her supervisors and colleagues she took a short break in 2008 to learn computer aided design before returning to CrossControl to take up a position within the Mechanical design department as a CAD technician. She worked with the CAD team for a year before again being encouraged to pursue higher education.

Thanks to her high grades, and some help from her colleagues with the application, Emma was able to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and secure a place at the prestigious KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to study Mechanical Engineering and receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Emma enjoyed the opportunity to study with like-minded individuals from different backgrounds, lending their unique points of view to problem solving and collaboration.

Eager for more practical experience Emma joined a company specialising in biometrics after attaining her degree. Taking on new roles and letting her ambitious nature guide her she worked with product engineering and management taking an enrolment station program from ideation to implementation.

After 3 years Emma and her partner decided to return to the forests around Gävleborgs Län and take a break from the buzz of Stockholm (small children have a tendency to promote this sort of behaviour). Luckily her timing couldn’t have been better, and Emma was able to take up a new position with CrossControl, this time putting her degree to good use as a Mechanical Designer. Having clearly shown her talent at the company Emma received recognition for her hard work and agreed to take on the role of Project Manager. In her new role Emma has helped to further standardise work processes so that all affected disciplines and stakeholders are involved, with clear communications paths between all departments, and clearer workflows overall.

Returning to Gävleborgs Län has given Emma more time to enjoy her hobbies in the woods, hiking with family and nature photography. The excellent camaraderie at CrossControl has made her feel welcome again and the emphasis on a healthy work life balance allows Emma to fulfil her ambitions and enjoy her time away from the office.

What is the best thing about working at CrossControl?The first is definitely that we have really great colleagues, which makes it a fun and supportive environment. Secondly, we also have really cool products that need to operate correctly and fulfill tough environmental requirements and developing these products makes it all the more interesting and challenging at the same time, keeping us focused and motivated.

How would you describe the culture at CrossControl?Our colleagues are very helpful, we have good collaboration both in our departments and across all disciplines within the company which is great since all of our product development projects are cross-functional.

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