Display computers, controllers, communication devices



All data at your fingertips

Data Engine is a powerful signal manager and gateway. It manages all data available through CAN, Ethernet and other buses in your machine system, as well as internal signals in the HMI system. The built-in data base for permanent storage lets you create data logging and use of historic data in your HMI system. With all signals and data at your fingertips, you are able to create operator support functionality that increases productivity and usability of your product.


Data Engine handles the integration of the different
software application modules of LinX Software Suite - a
signal in the control logics module, e.g. CoDeSys,
is directly accessible in the Graphical User Interface
module, e.g. UX Designer. This gives a system
architecture where you separate concerns – the
control logics can be developed independently
from the user interface and vice versa. Compared
to other display software systems this reduces
system complexity and thereby software engineering

Module overview

  • Internal communication with content
    independent signal interface
  • Open API for adding custom software
    components; e.g. proprietary software
  • Debug application on signal level
LinX Core is a data engine where you manage all data available through CAN