CrossCore XA

CrossCore XA

This product is discontinued. But you can still find product documentation, downloads and more information below.

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Display Portfolio 3 3000X3000 Px


Our range of robust display computers are applied to create a premium user experience in cost sensitive, commodity type vehicles as well as in advanced, specialised equipment.

Field Application Engineering

Our Field Application Engineers are specialists in the capabilities of our products. They support customers with advice and examples on solutions and how to implement functionality in the most efficient way for different use cases and applications, based on our software platform.

Custom engineered products & solutions

Based on our technology platforms we support larger customer programs with customized products & solutions.

Life cycle management

At CrossControl we have developed a robust product
Life Cycle Management policy that covers our
devices from initial inception to end-of-life status,
a period usually of 15 years.

Need a starter kit?

In order to help our customers evaluate our
products we can provide a starting package for
all our devices which includes all necessary
hardware, software and engineering support.

Legacy products
In our download area, registered users can access the necessary documentation, downloads, program examples and development tools needed for working with our legacy products.